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The 2015 season of the Indian Premier League (abbreviated as IPL 8 or Pepsi IPL 2015) is the eighth season of the IPL. Kolkata Knight Riders are the defending champions having won the title in the 2014 season. The complete tournament is expected to be held across different cities in India unlike the previous season. The tournament was started on Wednesday, 8 April 2015 after the end of the 2015 Cricket World Cup. A total of 60 T20 matches will be held in the entire tournament. No matches will be held in Kolkata between April 12 and April 25 due to Municipal Elections.

Franchises retained 123 players 8th IPL season before moving into auction. The released players provided an option to register themselves for auction. 6 Players were transferred across teams before the auction took place. In the Pepsi IPL 2015 auction held on February 16 at Bangalore, Yuvraj Singh was sold to Delhi Daredevils for 16 crores INR, for a record bid in IPL auction history. A total of 67 players were sold out in the auction and all franchises spent total of 87.60 Crores to buy players.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

MCA in complaint - Shahrukh Khan abused us

The MCA on Thursday declared an all-out war on actor Shah Rukh Khan. It registered a police complaint against him and his associates and its treasurer, Ravi Savant, proposed a lifetime ban on the actor at Wankhede. "The way he behaved, his abuses. I'll propose a life ban," said Savant.

The cricket association did not make any effort to hide its discontent in its police complaint. It alleged that Khan and his entourage "entered the ground without proper accreditation along with 15-20 boys. When a young girl wished him while passing by, Mr Shahrukh Khan abused her in most dirty and vulgar language (like f*** off). By the time the MCA watchman came forward and asked everyone to vacate the stadium, Shah Rukh charged at the watchman (Dalvi) and hit him and continued to use abusive language like f*** MCA, f*** BCCI. Mera kya ukhadna hai ukhad. Mr Shahrukh Khan was in an inebriated state and continued to abuse in vulgar and filthy language."

The complaint stated that despite a couple of BCCI officials and ACP Iqbal Shaikh trying to pacify him, Khan charged at the MCA officials present on the spot, and continued to "abuse and attack everybody". "Mr Khan assaulted security, manhandled MCA and BCCI officials, created nuisance in a public place while fully drunk, threatened and insulted in most vulgar language ," states the complaint, which ends with the MCA requesting the police to take action against Khan and his associates. The cricket association has also sent a copy of the complaint to the BCCI office.

Wankhede seemed to have been nettled even more when Khan defended himself at a news-meet where he also accused MCA officials of high-handedness. About the actor's claim that he was the one who was abused first, that he was not at fault and did not drink, MCA treasurer Ravi Savant said, "He will say whatever he has to say. Who can stop him? Why did he not complain against us? If he wasn't under the influence of alcohol, under what influence was he? He was definitely inebriated." Savant also accused Khan of abusing him personally. Savant refused to be convinced by Khan's claim that he "did not understand a Marathi abuse", which a guard hurled at him. "He doesn't understand Marathi? Is that why he got angry? It is totally false and baseless," he said.

MCA secretary Nitin Dalal, who signed the compliant, accused Khan of manhandling officials and guards. "He abused them in such a way that I cannot repeat it. We have many witnesses," he said.

Savant refuted Khan's allegation that the children who came with him to the stadium were manhandled: "It is a lie." Khan's allegation that he was up against 20 MCA officials also did not cut ice with Savant. He disagreed that the BCCI was being diplomatic about the whole issue, since it involved a franchise owner. "We have not yet informed them about the incident, but we will do so now," he said. Savant also seemed to welcome Khan's threat of not visiting Wankhede again. "It is better if he doesn't come, we will be happy.... If he doesn't understand the game, he shouldn't come.

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